How To Manage Your Defeat And Move Forward

Everyone on earth has a dream to accomplish. It is very important to have personal dreams but the most important thing is to learn on different ways that will motivate you to soldier on when you are defeated to make your dreams a reality. In as much as we value our achievements in life,it is also very true that at times,we encounter defeat towards our dream accomplishment. When you are. defeated,it is very important to accept the defeat and find out ways that will motivate you to move forward during such trying moments of defeat.God made us in his likeness and therefore He meant good all us. So any time you are defeated,remember that God has good plans that will see us successful but not to harm us.

Everything has a purpose in life.Your defeat may be a new dawn for your other success .There are a good number of ways that will help you to find the motivation to move forward in times of defeat and encouragements that will see you to fulfill your dreams. Some of the ways include

dream-quotes-images-1-ce0456ebAppreciation of God in your life

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. For you to manage your defeat and move on, you must acknowledge the manifestation of God in your life. Before setting your target goal, consider God as the subject in your decision making. Choices in life have consequences. Pray to God to guide you when choosing your dreams and to help you manage your defeat and definitely you will draw a logic conclusion;


You should identity your dreams and go for them even after defeat It is important to have certain decisions on your dreams to avoid confusion and contradiction that will lead to your defeat .

Self-motivation-how-to-get-self-motivatedSelf motivation

For you to account your dreams and make them realistic after defeat, you must have inner strength. Self motivation is a driving force towards your Destiny. It makes you acknowledge that you are a son of God and you were created for a purpose. This will help you to have high self esteem and acknowledge that you have a mission and vision to accomplish in this world

Power-of-positive-attitudePositive thinking and attitude

Thinking positive always will help you to manage your defeat. In whatever you do thank God for everything has a purpose. Despite so many challenges in life, remain focused and keep on encouraging yourself that you are almost there.

Be opstmistic

Never give up in life whatsoever obstacles you encounter on your way to success. Remain focus and take your challenges to be your strong holds

Learn how to overcome your defeat 

It is important to learn how to overcome your challenges. You can pray until something happen. Alternatively, you can visit church leaders or other professional counselors for advice;Reading inspirational books and scriptures from the holy Bible. There are so many inspirational books with encouraging quotes. Different authors have advocated different possible strategies of achieving success. It has been proofed right by so many explorers. Bible also has encouraging scriptures which guides you towards achievement of your dream and management.

20Accept the fact that the defeat has happend and have hopes that your dreams will come true

It important to accept that you have been defeated but your dreams are on their way. This will give you extraordinary motivation towards your dreams. You can consider your role models who have made it before despite being defeated in their first attempt.Success doors are open to everyone. Through prayers you can account and accomplish your dreams despite your lifetime defeats.

It is very important to accept that defeat is for every one.No one is a victim.