Why should we have snow cones at the party?

To combat the hot weather, one of the best dessert drinks to gobble up is the snow cone. It comes in a cup of crushed ice topped with colored juice to heighten up the flavor. The presence of snow cones in parties is very particular to children. They love the rainbow inspired color, the taste and the fun it brings every time their tongue and lips are stained by the colored juice. That is why snow cones are usually present in children’s party. Witnessing them having fun while sipping the colored iced juice is very rewarding; the reason why most of the parents would want to have a snow cone during their child’s party.

In general, it is not just the kids who love to have the colored tinged tongue experience caused by snow cones, but the adults as well. It brings out the child in them. This fact has opened up their minds regarding the beauty behind incorporating snow cones in parties. This also brought up the idea to various companies to open up a business exclusive for renting out their snow cone machines. These machines are usually rented on an hourly rate basis. Renting out a snow cone machine is preferable, most especially if you want it to be presentable and with all the inclusions which usually are straws, cups and cup holders, syrups that comes in different flavors and spoon straw. So go for the snow cone machine hire like chairs & tables for the parties. Though renting out a machine is the best thing to do, most especially if you do not have enough time to prepare and make a snow cone on your own.

Why should we have snow cones at the party

However, if you wanted to create a snow cone on your own, you still can. There are some who wanted to create their own recipe of snow cone instead of renting because they can spend less and there is no time to catch up. All you have to do is to purchase the ingredients which basically are ice, syrup and concentrated fruit juice only. Next thing is to put the ice inside the blender and add some water. Blend it well until you meet your preferred smooth crushed ice texture and consistency. Once you are done,   place it in a cup until full and then pour on the concentrated juice. The juice can be mixed up with different flavors to come up with a colorful finish. Layering on syrup on top will add up the beauty of the snow cone making it more presentable and tempting. After these steps, the snow cone is now ready to be served.

Snow cones are easy to make. Though it comes with simple ingredients, it is taste can be addicting. It is not just the taste that matters in snow cones. But also the fun and excitement it will give you once you are done sipping it. Indeed, this act does not only bring happiness but can also give you fun and bring out the childish part in you. Having snow cones in parties can break down the ice. It is not informal to have it in formal events though, it just up to you how to handle the fun without being messy.